Youth and Educational Services

JMI Youth & Educational Services (YES) is an outreach, nonprofit organization whose members (YES Team) have committed time and service to the commission “No Child Left Behind.” We are founded on Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not depart from it.” It is our belief that all students who are supported by a team of positive people and reinforcement can be successful. We partner with parents/guardians as educational advocates. Y.E.S. offers a pleathora of opportunities to cultivate our participants and families. Every student is assigned a mentor. Each mentor serves as a support for both the student and parents. Y.E.S. host a progam called the JMI Academic Scholars Program. We provide mentoring, tutoring, family workshops, counseling (individual and family), and host of other community involvement opportunities.

There are four principles in which we build on: scholarship, leadership, character and service. We “make every moment teachable” by providing trainings through individualized, small and large group integrated-family learning and development. Tutoring services are provided upon parental request. Academic and behavioral intervention are provided on consistent basis. In addition, YES assist adult learners who are determined to enhance their lives through education via GED programs, adult evening college programs, or through traditional institutions of higher education. Our outreach extends beyond the doors of our church to schools and in various  communities.

Participants are challenged to maintain an A/B average throughout the school year and to exemplify excellent conduct in and out of class, so that they may also become apart of the JMI Honor Society. Students must submit report cards each quarter (or according to their schools calendar). Anyone who meets the program guidlelines, recieve honorable recognition and incentives. Incentives are given by financial contributions by various partnerships (individual and businesses).

At the end of each school year, we sponsor a commemorative induction ceremony and provide a reception for the inductees and their invited guests. We will also honor Early Childhood Readers, 4th quarter honor roll students and adult learners and graduates. We closed out the year by inviting all of our sponsors, parents and YES Team to our annual “Family Day”. A day filled with games, food, fellowship and fun.

“Training Days” are hosted at least twice a year. Each year students, parents, mentors, community partnerships, business owners and workers join us we provide a day of activities greared toward enriching our principles (which provide guidance for everyday living). The 2010-2011 theme is “REVIVING THE VILLAGE”. All sessions provide healthy choices for the mind, body and soul.


Fall training day was held at the Wake County Office Park in the Commons Building. We served approx. 75 participants, including parents, mentors, and business partnerships leaders.  The adults were exposed  to “Drugs Uncovered” led by the Alice Poe Health Workers (of Raleigh, NC), the preschoolers focused on the “Community Workers” led by a NC Licensed Early Childhood Instructor and Administrator. The Kindergarten through 5th grade students were engaged in an integrated visual arts and communications session on “It takes a village” while creating their own villages….”respecting and honoring the elders in the village” led by REAL GIRLS, Inc. CEO, CEO of Rita’s Creations and Asst. CEO of Devine Designs. All middle and high school students were led in “reality sessions” centered around the movie Slumdog Millionarie hosted by CEO of Benjamin Plumming Company, CEO of Devine Designs, CEO of Protect Us Consulting and Asst. CEO of Protect Us Consulting. We were graced with the presence of the CEO of Adonai Christian Counseling Services, Shaw University Psych Class, and  CEO of Trininy Health Services and culinary serving by Simply Sams Catering.


After lunch, the “village” merged together to focus on the body. These teams were led by the CEO of A Certain Therapy, Physical Therapist and 2- PT Assistants and Personal Fitness Training. We were encouraged to stay active, no matter our physical challenges. Each team leader guided us in a 15-20 minute active unit in exercise and nutrition. This team will provide an depth study throughout the year as well as prepare for our Spring Training event.

The final culmination of the day focused on the soul. This event was guided by the YES Director. God’s Angels Director led the villagers in a whole group sing-a-long. We honored the oldest villager in our presence. She served as a volunteer with our preschool students. Testimonal time was encouraged by all. One of the teens shared how the event impacted his life. His teachable moment changed the atmosphere into a life changing moment for the security guard who was on duty. As a result, her life was saved and she gave her life to God! This truly proved that the village needs reviving and that with consistent, engaging love we can live according to our God given destiny. Both Associate Ministers (Pastos-in-training) of Judd Ministries, Inc (JMI) ministered to the host. Final prayer was given and we were dismissed with joy inour hearts and determination to continue to serve.

Spring Training Day is scheduled for April 2011.  The theme is “Reviving the Village for L.I.F.E.” focusing on health, fitness and nutrition. Our L.I.F.E. team and other community partnerships will help all to soar. More details will be shared in January 2011. If you would like for your family or group to be notified, please email us at .

“Making every moment teachable as we soar in scholarship, leadership, character and service.”

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