Beyond These Walls

JMI members follow the steps of Jesus Christ and serves saints and sinners, “beyond the walls” of the JMI Worship Center. We know that the love of Jesus Christ is within our hearts. Therefore, where ever we go, we carry His love to share with all. The love of God can not be contained in a building of any size, but must be spreaded abroad to bring God glory, save souls, bring liberty to the captive, set the captive free and those who are lost and blind. God is using those who have been redeeemed (healed, delivered and set free) to serve as messengers of His love.

Apostle Judd is often called upon to minister The Word of God. Through the years Apostle Judd, and numerous members have and continue to travel to God’s appointed places (beyond “JMI Worship Center). These journey’s have carried us to a host of locations in North Carolina as well as cities in Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Virgina, Maryland and New York. Our travel mission services allow Isaiah 61:1-3 to blossom.

 “Beyond These Walls” is being about our Father’s work every day. It’s about sharing the love of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of a physical church building. Many souls have been saved, delivered, revived, and set free because of Jesus ministry through individual lives. Miracles are  performed in the lives of pastors, families, churches, men, women, youth, the saved and unsaved of all cultures. The Word of God is proclaimed through preaching, teaching, and witnessing. “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” We being a few deny our selves and let God do what He does best through us…… LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!

“BEYOND THESE WALLS” is where God’s teachings are shown the most. We know that the commission in Isaiah 61:1-3 is our appointed and anointed lifestyle. No matter where we are church, work, home, school, shopping, driving; with family, friends or strangers … we share the love, forgiveness, grace and mercies of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The JMI family serve in several outreach ministries which serve individually and as a team/group (a family). Visit the “Operation: We Can Do” page and see how God reaches beyond the walls of the church to provide love and care to those who are in need of clothes, food, blankets and more. See how the “Youth & Educational Services (YES”) Team reach out to all age students, parents and partnerships to empower people to do everything with a Spirit of excellence. Just like our Lord and Savior, we are here to serve.

Jesus ministry has evolved through many members who serve as advocates, consultants, health educators, parent liaisons, volunteers, mentors, tutors and community leaders. The love of God is free! Freely have we received, and freely we give to those to whom the Lord places on the path He leads us on!

You may visit our “Community Support” page to get more information about our partnerships.  We encourage everyone to go beyond the walls of the church building and reach others as the Lord has reached you.